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RadioBOSS Advanced Edition Full Crack

RadioBOSS Advanced Edition Baru Full Crack - RadioBOSS Advanced Edition Full Crack adalah sebuah software yang dapat anda gunakan untuk membuat sebuah saluran radio anda sendiri secara professional.

RadioBOSS Advanced Edition Full Crack
RadioBOSS Advanced Edition Baru Full Crack
Bagi anda yang mempunyai cafe atau mungkin restoran kecil dan sering memainkan musik di cafe tersebut, maka RadioBOSS Full adalah sebuah program yang sangat anda butuhkan. Semua ftur penyiaran radio seperti pemutaran musik otomatis, internet streaming, volume control otomatis, crossfade, dan juga iklan anda sendiri.

RadioBOSS Full yang kami bagikan disini merupakan versi preactivated, jadi setelah anda instal program ini ke komputer akan langsung aktif dengan sendirinya tanpa perlu crack atau patch. Anda dapat menggunakan semua fitur premium dari software ini dengan gratis, tanpa perlu membeli license atau menggunakan software penyiaran radio lainnya.


  • AUX Players (can be added in Zone 2 and Zone 3)
  • Third work zone added. It can host: AUX playlist, Web browser, Cart wall, File explorer and Search (View->Work Zones->3).
  • Email notifications on error, silence detector actions, and other events
  • Do not launch events when MIC is on (Settings->Inputs->Advanced)
  • Play intro file when broadcasting encoder connected
  • Podcast playback (check �Podcast� when adding a URL)
  • A setting added to change the font in secondary windows (Settings->View->Other windows font)
  • New settings added to change color scheme + two default color schemes (dark/silver)
  • Added ability to change the playback control buttons� style
  • Playlist columns show/hide (View->Playlist columns)
  • Ability to load/save Cart Wall to a file
  • Loop option in Cart wall
  • Now it�s possible to make the playlist tab non-playable (right click a tab)
  • Custom title format for encoders, also possible to disable metadata for the encoder
  • OPUS broadcasting and playbackWhat�s New in RadioBOSS 5.4:
  • Fixed a track list repeat protection bug
  • Fixed: macro in TTS didn�t work when text was loaded from a file
  • Fixed voice tracking bug
  • Fixed occasional incorrect calculation of playlist duration and wrong data in the playlist columns
  • Fixed: some network streams did not play all the way to the end
  • Fixed incorrect DTMF detector behavior when the network stream source was used
  • Fixed title error for Podcast streams
  • Improved duplicate track highlighting in the playlist
  • �clearplaylist� command fixed
  • Immproved sorting order when adding a foler to the playlist
  • Music Library: fixed statistics
  • Fixed silence detector bug
  • Removed video window frame when using a non-Windows style
  • Improved software performance

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